Dailydefectapp Workshop Management

Including Periodic Maintenance Inspection (PMI) checks for HGV, PCV & Trailer (VC60 | TC60 | PCV60) fully updated to include the latest DVSA recommendations. Dailydefectapp helps to streamline your workshop management, fleet maintenance & PMI’s

The Dailydefectapp workshop management system allows your workshop to:

  • Organise & schedule PMI’s checks, preventative maintenance and services
  • Complete inspections without the need for paper based recording
  • Accurate record of time taken to perform inspections
  • Complete overview of upcoming workflow
  • Instant notification of identified issues
  • View data to monitor driver / depot / vehicle performance based on inspection results
  • Compliant with all current DVSA checklists
  • Reducing vehicle downtime
  • Integrates with Dailydefectapp defect reporting and management
  • Secure & Tamper Proof Reports

    Once a report is submitted, it cannot be changed  or tampered with, this provides a clean and secure audit trail. Ensuring that your business is fully compliant with legislation.

    The report declaration that a user agrees to on completion of each report can also be customised to suit your unique business requirements.

  • GPS & Time Stamped Reports

    When a daily check is performed the Dailydefectapp app records the GPS location along with the start and finish time enabling management to monitor and ensure that checks are accurate and comprehensive.

    Submitted reports have a zoomable map with a pin showing the recorded GPS location.

  • Accident & Incident Reporting

    The Dailydefectapp app allows a user to report any accidents or incidents. Reports are sent to the Dailydefectapp CMS in real time and record vital information such as 3rd party details, images and notes. A GPS location and time stamp is applied to every report.

    Once submitted, the report can be viewed and additional information recorded using the Dailydefectapp CMS

  • Customisable checklist

    Dailydefectapp is pre-loaded with templates for all DVSA & FORS compliant checklists including HGV / PSV / Van / FLT Minibus and Trailer. Users can customise and adapt checklists to suit the requirements of any business. The order of questions can be changed.

    Text & photo responses can be forced, ensuring all procedures are followed when performing daily checks when using the app.